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Be on demand to people around you!

Create a REACHA profile and start using your cell phone to promote and network yourself in real-time.

Web sites are not live. People are. Search them!

 REACHA is the world's first live ON DEMAND APP for people and small business to be on demand to each other for services, skills, products and questions.

Live & On Demand

Search for any service, product, person or business on REACHA; you'll find actual people close to you that are on demand and available to chat NOW!


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Be on demand for what you do.

Join the on demand economy! Today’s business is live. People are available NOW, but there’s no place to search people by what they do in real-time. Until now.

REACHA is for the 99% of people who cant be found on the internet to promote themselves by simply listing what they do on their mobile phones. When someone around you is looking for the skills you have, you’re guaranteed to show up! We’ve seen how well it worked for taxis on demand, REACHA is the search engine for everyone on demand. Create your Reacha profile today and put yourself on the map!



REACHA is the search engine for cell phones.
Now you can promote yourself and search for anyone on mobile phones, not just websites.



Download REACHA and Create Your Live Business Card


  • People on demand stand a much higher chance of getting business!

  • The moment you create a Reacha Profile, you're live, reachable, and on demand to every other person on the Reacha network.

  • Being Reachable is infinitely more powerful than just being searchable!

  • With Reacha you never need to compete for search engine rankings. You're always number one as long as you're closest to the person doing the search!

  • The more words you tag yourself with, the more people will find you!

  • Reacha lets you use your phone to promote yourself wherever you go in this world.

  • There are people everywhere that need you or your services right now. Your Reacha On Demand Profile makes you available to them in real time!

  • Zoom into any place on earth to see what people are doing, or reach anyone about anything. 



Turn Your Cell Phone into a Sell Phone

Create a Reacha profile for your business too. Tag it with your company name, the products you sell, or the services you provide, and allow people to engage you or your staff live from anywhere in the world. Literally open up your store to the world!


Take Control

Just like an uber driver, you can turn your Reacha profile on or off whenever you like. You're in control of what people see and when they see it. You can also easily edit your Reacha Profile on the fly, adding images, videos and even link to your websites and social media. Your Reacha Profile lets people find out more about you all in one place, and gives them direct access to contact you through your choice of texting, calling, video conferencing or all of these options.



If you want to be found in todays world,
Be Reachable!