Our Mission

We believe that few things are as certain as change. We’ve seen technology radically improve the lives of people globally. We wanted to be part of a technological endeavour and cause that’s both greater than ourselves, as well as one that contributes to individuals, society and mankind in a significant and meaningful way. In short, we wanted to use technology to empower every human being on the planet..

One of the greatest advancements we’ve witnessed in our lifetime is the advent of the internet. Specifically, the website, and how the simple paper brochure, accessible only to those one came in contact with, were suddenly available to people globally. All of a sudden, anyone in the world could find your company and communicate with you, buy your goods or services and break free of geographical confines. It was in deed a monumental step forward in the history of mankind.

So we asked ourselves a simple question: What if everyone in the world told their phones what they did? - If the paper brochure could become a website, then why were individuals still handing out paper business cards to promote themselves? Why wasn’t the business card digitised like the website? Why couldn’t business cards be searched like websites? And why couldn’t we empower people to network, trade and communicate with each other beyond physical encounters to exchange information and network.

We set out to create the most trusted, live business network, instantly connecting people for business around the corner and around the world. This universal on-demand platform empowers anyone, anywhere to easily and effectively promote their business, skills and services for free, on a live network of cell phones. We call this platform REACHA.

Concern for man and his fate must always form the chief interest of all technical endeavors
— Albert Einstein

Create a REACHA Business Profile and start using your cell phone to promote what you do to people around you looking for your skills.